Friesen to speak at DHS

Posted on: Nov 15, 2022

Friesen to speak at DHS

Parents and community members are welcome to attend a guest presentation by Jonathan Friesen at 6 p.m. on Wednesday, Nov. 16, in the DHS Performing Arts Center.

Friesen is an award-winning young adult author, international speaker, storyteller and educator. His 2008 novel “Jerk, California” won the prestigious ALA Schneider Award, “Best Book of the Year.” When he’s not writing or teaching, Friesen is traveling, bringing a message of hope to conferences, schools, prisons and hospitals. 

Friesen grew up experiencing the ostracism of a life with Tourette Syndrome, panic attacks, and epilepsy, and he speaks on the importance of making each other visible. All of us, no matter the age, have questions we ask of those around us. If our questions find positive answers, we feel whole and affirmed. If they receive negative responses or are ignored, the cries of our hearts go unanswered. 

Friesen draws from his own life experiences to show how we can reach out to one another. He shows the power we each have to affect the trajectory of those around us.

Please consider attending this free event to hear Friesen's “Make them Visible" message. Friesen will address DHS students on the topics of inclusion and respect earlier in the day. For more information, visit