Special Education



Special Education Department Overview

DHS Special Education Statement of Philosophy
The Delano high school special education department is dedicated to meeting the challenging
educational needs and challenging the abilities of each individual. Through the teaching/learning
process, all students can master essential basic skills, demonstrated responsibility and personal
decisions and in social interaction in preparation for Independent living.

Delano High School Special Education Instructional Focus
The focus of a balanced special education program is on the learner. The student’s educational
development toward the school’s goals is the central concern of the department. All students
with differing abilities get proper service as determined by a partnership of parents, regular
education teachers and special educators to meet the student’s needs in the most appropriate

The high school special education department puts a heavy emphasis on student
accountability. Students are expected to share responsibility for maximizing their learning
experience and potential.

Services Available
- Speech and Language
- School Psychologist
- Work Experience Coordinator
- School Social Worker
- Special Education teachers certified in learning disabilities, developmental disabilities,
emotional/behavioral disorders
- Paraprofessional/Instructional Aides

Special Education Classes
Work Seminar 10
Work Seminar 11
Work Seminar 12
Work Experience 11
Work Experience 12
Study Skills/Strategies
Reading Skills
Writing Skills
Survey Math I & II
Pre-Survey Math
Consumer Math
Personal Development
Functional Math
Functional Reading
Independent Living

Regular/Special Education Collaborative Classes
Exploring Language Arts I – 9th and 10th grade
Exploring Language Arts II – 11th and 12th grade

Services and Staff
Child Study Coordinator – Angie Lauderbaugh
Special Education Assistant – Mellythia Tierney
Speech and Language – Amy Voss
School Psychologist – Julie Fanfulik
Work-Experience Coordinator – Josh Tierney
School Social Worker – Marie Techam
Learning Disabilities – Lora Voight and Teri Kuperus, Megan Hovick
Developmental Disabilities –  Julie Semeizer
DAPE - Carrie Wittenberg
Emotional/Behavioral Disabilities –  Emily Walters, Josh Tierney, and Lora Voight
Autism Spectrum Disorders – Lora Voight
Special Education Assessment Coordinator - Ginny L. Schuelke
Paraprofessional Instructional Aides - Ginny Grefsrud, Erik Peterson, Damon Clare, Carol Nelson, Sheila Screeden, Kim Muckenhirn, Jen Donahue, Tracy Parks, Nate Brisley, Kris Schansberg