Industrial Technology

The creation of an overwhelming number of job opportunities in the technical areas of computer aided drafting, technical systems, and the metals industry, together with increasing financial incentives, has changed the career outlook for some students at Delano High School! These high paying career areas can be explored at Delano schools by taking classes offered through the Industrial Technology area.

Classes currently offered at Delano include five computer aided drafting classes that feature AutoCAD 2000 stations complete with plotting capabilities, and four electives in the popular areas of woodworking and metals. Exposure to these classes will provide opportunities for students to develop skills necessary to participate in and adjust to our technological society.

Emphasis on application of theory learned in math, science, and other disciplines, teacher problem-solving and development of higher level thinking skills. Hands-on project work instills a sense of accomplishment, building confidence and maturity in our young futures at Delano High School.