A core group of seven experienced teachers help students develop a strong foundation in thinking and problem-solving skills. 19 course offerings range from basics such as refresher and survey math to Calculus II/Math Topics and Advanced Computer Programming. Both a standard track and an advanced track are offered.

All students must successfully complete four credits of math from grades 9-12. College-bound students are encouraged to complete a minimum of six courses (12 credits). Proof of the strength and success of the math department is reflected in high achievement levels on the AHSME (American High School Math Exam) and successful participation in the State High School Math League. Delano High School has ranked among the top 50 schools in the state on the AHSME test for the past five years, including a 7th place ranking in 1998. Delano High School has participated in the Math League for 11 seasons and been to the State Tournament twice as a team and three times with an individual. For the past two years a Delano High School student was selected to participate on the Minnesota Math Team at National Competition.