Public Comment Guidelines

School Board Meetings

Regular school board meetings are held on the fourth Monday of each month at the Delano City Hall Council Chambers, 234 2nd St N, Delano, MN 55328. Board meetings begin at 7 p.m. and are open to the public. Board meetings can be viewed any time after the meeting has occurred. 

Public Comments

The school board welcomes input from community members, including letters, emails and phone calls. There is a public comment period scheduled toward the end of each school board meeting for people who prefer to address the school board directly. Public comments are not heard at work sessions.

The purpose of a public comment period is to give community members an opportunity to provide input directly to the school board about issues that fall within the school board’s authority. To fulfill this purpose, comments must be directed to the school board. The school board is interested in hearing all comments and will listen carefully but will not respond, debate or discuss issues during the public comment forum. 

The following procedures are in place to assure open and orderly public discussion as well as to protect the due process and privacy rights of individuals under the law.

Requests for public comments

  • Community members who wish to address the school board are asked to submit an online public comment form by 12 p.m. the day of the school board meeting. 
  • Community members may complete a paper, public comment form at the school board meeting.
  • Community members must provide their name, address, association to the school district, the name of the group represented (if any) and the topic of the issue to be addressed. 

Public comment rules of conduct

  • In the event that several individuals submit a written request to speak, the school board will give first speaking priority to students, then to other individuals who reside in the district, have a child in the district or who are employed by the district.
  • If a group or organization wishes to address the school board on the same topic, the school board chairperson reserves the right to require designation of one representative to speak on behalf of the group or organization. 
  • Community members who did not complete the online public comment form or sign up before the meeting begins, will not be allowed to address the school board.
  • The school board chairperson will recognize one speaker at a time and will rule out of order other speakers who are not recognized. Only speakers recognized by the school board chairperson will be allowed to speak.
  • Each speaker will be given three minutes to address the school board. The three minute time frame may not be given to another speaker. 
  • The speaker will be asked to come to the podium. The public comment period is recorded and is considered public information.
  • Courtesy and respect to everyone by everyone is essential.
  • Complaint references to specific persons, including staff and students cannot be discussed in an open meeting due to data privacy laws.
  • Statements and questions can only be raised during the public comment portion of the meeting and only by the individual who has been recognized to speak.

Work Sessions and public comments

Work sessions are scheduled on the fourth Monday of each month, before the business portion of regular school board meetings. Work sessions are held at Delano City Hall Council Chambers, 234 2nd St N, Delano, MN, 55328. Although work sessions are not recorded, taped or broadcast, they are open to the public. Public comments are not heard at work sessions. The purpose of work sessions is for district administration to update the school board on strategic plans, budgets or other district issues that may come to a vote at a regular scheduled school board meeting.