Peachjar flyers

Peachjar provides an innovative flyer management system that sends school-approved e-flyers directly to parents’ inboxes and posts them on school websites - making it easier than ever for parents to learn more about the opportunities offered to students by our schools and local non-profit organizations. 

You can find your school flyers by clicking the links below:
Information for flyer submission by community organizations
Our district wants families to know about valuable programs and resources in the community. To facilitate delivery of this information, community organizations can send approved flyers home to families digitally through Peachjar. 
  • Approved flyers are emailed to parents weekly and posted on specific school websites.
  • Flyers are delivered to all parents’ emails as an embedded image, not a link. This means parents will immediately see the flyer and be able to click through to a specific website for more information or to register for an event.
  • With the exception of district-sponsored classes and programs, no paper flyers will be distributed to students or schools.
  • Peachjar charges a fee for this service that is typically much less than the cost to copy and deliver paper flyers to each school.

School-related groups should contact your school office.

Are you promoting a free community event or activity? Peachjar offers free flyer posting for completely free events that do not entice participants to join a fee-based program or purchase products or services. You must contact Peachjar at to see if your event qualifies.

How to submit a flyer for approval:
To request flyer approval, follow the steps below. Paper flyers from outside organizations will no longer be distributed. 
  • Go to Peachjar and set up an account for your organization
  • Create your flyer - either your own or use one of the many templates offered by Peachjar
  • Please refer to the flyer approval guidelines below
  • Upload your flyer for approval by the district
  • You will be notified via email of the status of your request. 
  • Flyers will be posted weekly
  • Once approved,your flyer will be emailed to parents and posted on the school’s web flyerboard for your selected duration of time. 
  • Please post by Tuesday each week for flyers to be distributed on Friday. 

Flyer approval guidelines:
Organizations are allowed to distribute flyers include:
  • Local, non-profit organizations with an official 501(c)3 or similar non-profit status that are offering activities/events/classes/resources, within district boundaries, which contribute to the positive academic, social or physical development of students
  • Non-profit organizations offering unique educational opportunities on a county-wide level will also be considered for distribution even though the activity may not occur within district boundaries.
  • For-profit organizations only when the district determines that the materials meet the criteria applicable to non-profit organizations and that the event or activity is not a method to create a captive audience for proprietary interests.
All flyers to be distributed by outside organizations must:
  • Agree to let Peachjar place the following disclaimer on your flyer (exact wording): “This activity / event is not sponsored by District 879.” 
  • The flyer must clearly identify the name and contact information of the sponsoring organization. 
  • If using District 879 facilities, the organization must have approval from the facilities department before the flier can be distributed through Peachjar.
The district reserves the right to deny permission for the posting of materials that do not meet the criteria listed above; that directly compete with district programs or services; or that are prohibited under district policies 904 and 905.