Message from the Superintendent

The purpose of this article is to give you a final update with regard to our building projects, and explain our shift in focus to reviewing and updating our strategic plan for the next five years. 

The last building project in our high school is the completion of the new locker rooms located on the north side of the Tiger Activity Center. These locker rooms will be completed by the end of the month, and the district will be able to utilize this space after the winter break. 

The completion of this last project brings three-plus years of construction on our campus to a close. This has been a momentous effort that has resulted in the improvement of our campus and our buildings for students, staff and community members. 

The remainder of our building project work will be to complete punch list items and facilitate 11-month walk-throughs per warranties with our contractors. The bottom line is that in the remainder of 2019 the district will be addressing any items that need to be corrected within the project by our contractors.

Strategic plan
Commencing this month, the school district will be facilitating a review of its strategic plan. You may recall that five years ago the school district facilitated a strategic planning process that established a road map for the district to continue to grow and meet the needs of our students with regards to educational excellence. We are now at the halfway point of a 10-year strategic plan. 

Between December 2018 and June 2019, the district will facilitate a complete review and update of the four main components of our strategic plan: facilities, professional development, curriculum and technology. This halftime review of our strategic plan will update the four components to meet the vision of the school district that was established in the summer of 2013. Delano Public Schools’ vision is to facilitate “systemic academic growth to promote educational excellence and continuous improvement for every learner in a digital society.”

The update of our strategic plan for the next five years will include multiple venues of stakeholder feedback, both within the community and internally within the district organization. Our goal is to present an updated version of our strategic plan for review and approval by our school board in June of 2019. 

This is an extremely important process, as it will culminate in establishing a road map for our entire district to maintain and improve in academic excellence. More information will be shared in future district newsletter articles. 
Matthew W. Schoen, Ed.S. Superintendent
December, 2018