Message from the Superintendent

We are currently in the middle of our process to update the district’s strategic plan for the next five years. Essentially, we are at the halfway point of a 10-year strategic plan journey.

The purpose of the strategic plan is to provide a roadmap for fulfilling the district’s vision: “Systemic academic growth to promote educational excellence and continuous improvement for every learner in a digital society.” It is extremely important that our school district revisits this plan on a regular basis to maintain alignment with our vision.

It is now the appropriate time to make certain adjustments to ensure the success of the second half of the strategic plan. In addition to our annual work plan updates in the areas of curriculum, professional development, technology and facilities, this more comprehensive update will continue to guide our pursuit of educational excellence.

We have already completed a parent, staff and student survey that has provided us with initial feedback information. Results show that our parents believe our strategic plan has been effective in all four areas. Between 77 and 89 percent of respondents either agreed or strongly agreed about the plan’s effectiveness, depending on the category.

Over the next few months we will gather valuable feedback from district staff regarding what is working, what needs to be adjusted and what we want to be known for in five years. The internal feedback sessions include a prioritization process to give the district further direction on its halftime adjustments. I will share more information as district leadership groups modify the strategic plan based on data provided.
Matthew W. Schoen, Ed.S. Superintendent
February, 2019