Message from the Superintendent

On behalf of everyone at Delano Public Schools, I would like to thank our community members for your support of our students and staff during these very unusual times. 

Although these circumstances are unprecedented in my 30 years in education, our teachers, administrators and support staff members have embraced the challenges and the opportunities inherent in distance learning. We are moving forward with confidence that stems from intensive preparation, and with a commitment to adjust and find solutions to the issues that will inevitably arise.

With circumstances creating a major change in how Delano Public Schools facilitates educational excellence, it is with great pride that our staff has been diligently working to provide distance learning opportunities for our students. The level of creativity that our educators are using to make sure that every student in our school district receives a high-quality education through distance learning has been nothing short of amazing. I am so proud to be able to work collectively with all our employees in providing essential services. 

Our food service employees have done an impeccable job of preparing meals every day for curbside pickup and delivery. We have also partnered with our bus company to provide transportation of meals and other essential materials for our families who are unable to come on campus for pickup. This has been an excellent partnership. 

Our custodians have done an unbelievable job in maintaining extremely clean buildings for our students and staff who remain on site for emergency child care services. 

In addition, I would like to recognize the incredible work that our support staff has been doing in providing child care services for students of our emergency worker families, along with assisting our students in distance learning. Their flexibility in changing gears to provide essential services has been second to none. 

I would also like to thank our Community Ed. staff for partnering with our district support staff to provide child care services at the Community Ed. building. Their partnership has been invaluable.

There are countless examples of people stepping up and going above and beyond to help this school district transition into distance learning for our students and parents. 

Our school board members have provided excellent leadership during these trying times, and they continue to support our staff in multiple ways. I am truly appreciative of their leadership. 

Again, I would like to thank all of you in the greater Delano Public Schools community for your support, and I particularly wish to thank our students and parents for your patience as we prepared for and began distance learning. This endeavor has combined one of the largest possible changes in how we facilitate education with one of the shortest possible time periods to prepare. 

Needless to say, we will continue to refine this process and strive for educational excellence, in whatever form that may take. Thank you.
Superintendent Matthew W. Schoen, Ed.S.
April 2020