Senior Grad Party

2023 Delano High School Senior Graduation Party

September 2022
Dear Parents of DHS class of 2023 Seniors,
In keeping with tradition, a Senior Parent Committee will be organizing a Senior Graduation Party for the 2023 graduating class to be held on the night of graduation – Sunday, June 4, 2023.


  • A fun, safe, drug and alcohol-free experience for your graduating senior the night of graduation.
  • A celebration of friendship and achievements full of great food, activities and entertainment.  All transportation (if needed) will be provided and the event will be fully chaperoned. No purses, bags, water bottles, or cell phones are allowed during the event, so the students can fully focus on having fun.
  • One last final time the whole class can be together
  • This event is not sponsored or funded by the school

How can I help with the SENIOR GRADUATION PARTY?

  • Join the Senior Parent Committee!  The more parents the better!
  • Volunteer your time to help staff the various fundraising events held throughout the year and chaperone the night of the event.
  • Unfortunately, this experience does not come without a price. It is estimated that the cost of the event is approximately $200 per student.  We are asking that you pay $100 to help defray the cost while the remaining costs will be offset by business/community donations and fundraising activities planned in the coming months.
The goal is to have ALL 2023 DHS graduates attend the event - regardless of ability to pay.  If you want to donate funds toward the cost of another student attending, please let us know.

The SENIOR GRADUATION PARTY is also generously supported by local and area businesses.  If you have questions about donating or to find out more about the committee meetings and fundraising dates, please follow us on Facebook (DHS Class of 2023 Senior Party | Facebook) or send us an email  (

To review all of the relevant planning information, including meeting minutes, please click this link:

2023 Grad Party Public Drive

Kimberly Knops (chair)
c: 612-239-0870

Laurie Brown (co-chair & treasurer)
c: 763-458-7466