Family and Consumer Sciences (FACS) may be an unfamiliar title of the discipline you called Home Economics. Basically it is the same thing. The state of Minnesota changed the name a few years ago. FACS is growing in popularity and enrollment in Delano as well as across the state.

In the Middle School, 7th and 8th graders each take a quarter of Life Skills. In 7th grade, mainly nutrition and food preparation are studied while in 8th grade, Life Skills, consumerism, appearance, laundry, and sewing are covered. Parents are reminded that the At Home Projects are a very important part of student’s learning and grade. In 7th grade the following are At Home assignments: Dishes at Home, Cleaning at Home, and Cooking at Home. In the 8th grade students complete Consumerism at Home, Laundry at Home, Clothing Inventory, and Sewing at Home during a quarter. Eighth graders must complete a pillow in school to earn a passing grade in the course.

At the high school level, students have many opportunities to study topics of interest and complete packages that lead to graduation. Following the philosophy that students should learn to do as well as to know, most of the courses require hands-on experiences. Eleven courses are being taught in Family and Consumer Sciences that give students many opportunities.

Many of the skills learned transfer readily to the job market. FACS classes make students more employable. Students learn skills that may serve them throughout life. FACS focuses on the practical.

Courses Offered

Living in the 21st Century – a comprehensive course for 9th graders

Friends and Family – a 9th grade relationship course

Child Development – basic knowledge about children

Working with Children – guiding children

Housing – architecture, building, design, and decorating

Sewing Experiences – constructing useful items other than clothing

Clothing Concepts – clothing industry and garment construction

Relationships – interacting with others in friendships, family, and occupation

Survival Skills – comprehensive course for 11-12 graders

Cooking Beyond the 90’s – basic food preparation skills

Advanced Foods – preparation skills include regional and foreign cooking