Special Education



The Delano Public School community is dedicated to meeting the educational needs and challenging the abilities of each individual. Through the mutual teaching – learning process, all students can master essential basic skills for his/her ability level in appropriate programs of study and demonstrate increased responsibility in personal decisions and social interaction in preparation for community living.


The focus of Delano Special Education Program is on the learner, the student. His or her educational development toward the school’s goals is the central concern of the district.

The goal of special education shall be as follows:

“To ensure that all students with differing abilities get proper services as determined by a partnership of parents, regular education teachers and special educators to meet his/her needs in the most appropriate setting.”



District Wide:      

Specal Education Coordinator

Shylla Webb


Special Ed. Assistant

Angie Green    


Kelsey Stangler    
Elementary Special Education      
Middle School Special Education      
High School Special Education      
Physical Therapist Candy Gilbertson    
Audiologist Janet Lindeman    
Visually Impaired Liz Karels    
Hearing Impaired Cheryl Minor    
Occupational Therapist Debbie Odell    
Physical and Other Health Disabilities Libby Bayuk    
Speech Language Clinician (birth to 3) Linda Rienert    
Early Childhood (Birth-3) Jeanine Sunsten    
Behavior Specialist Emily Hutter    
Assistive Technology Shawna Moe    

Memo regarding Special Ed Services for Nonpublic Students

Fiscal Compliance Procedures Manual

Meeker and Wright Special Education Cooperative Total Special Education System (TSES)
Appendices can be accessed by contacting Shylla Webb at 763.972.3365, ext. 2034.

Delano Public School's Restrictive Procedure Plan is available for review by contacting Shylla Webb at 763.972.3365, ext. 2034.