FIT-DIS award winners honored

Posted on: Jun 4, 2019

FIT-DIS award winners honored

A select group of Delano Intermediate students were honored for outstanding fitness by the physical education department on Tuesday, June 4.

Twenty-two students earned the FIT-DIS award, a continuation of what was formerly known as the Presidential Fitness Award. To qualify for the award, a student must score higher than 85 percent of their peers across the nation in every fitness evaluation done in class. Tests include the V-sit (hamstring flexibility), shuttle run (speed and agility), vertical jump (power and muscular strength), pacers (cardio endurance) and sit-ups (muscular endurance).

“To be in the 85th percentile in anything is pretty impressive when you’re compared to your peers, but then to do that in every single component of fitness … that takes a pretty unique physical composition,” said PE instructor Sean Roff.

While Roff said the recognition was well earned for this “elite” group of students, he also explained that Delano’s PE instructors are just as proud of other students who put in significant effort over the course of the year.

“It’s good to recognize these (award winners) and their achievement, but as a department we really emphasize doing the best you can and making improvements,” he said. “The kids who make big improvements in their fitness tests, that’s also important and valuable to us. It’s not celebrated publicly in the same way, but we take pride in that as well.”

The award winners each received a FIT-DIS Award Winner shirt donated by the Loretto Lions Club, and Roff said the school was grateful for the club’s support. 

FIT-DIS award winners
4th grade: Olivia Seifert, Olive Bernick, Layla Noll, Jacob Barta.

5th grade: Addison Olson, Cassie Wegman, Kayla Heinonen, Eva Huotari, Kate Rousu, Laney Beeler, Evelyn Olberding, Presley Bright, Katelyn Daluge, Natalie Holmer, Brady Kangas, Jacob Perlich.

6th grade: Anya Bekkala, Amelia Frailey, Jenna Huikko, Kiki Kimball, Abby Higgins, Annabelle Wentzel.

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