Faus named associate activities director

Posted on: Aug 24, 2022

Faus named associate activities director

Nick Faus has kept Delano in mind as a potential destination for some time, so when a position opened in the activities office this spring he was quick to apply.

The new associate activities director for Delano High School had also applied in 2018 when Ryan Tool was hired as the activities administrator. At the time Faus was still wrapping up his degree in athletic administration. He wasn’t chosen then, but with Tool returning to his roots as a guidance counselor for DHS this fall, Faus had the opportunity to try again.

“I remember sitting in Delano and finishing my master’s program and looking at the opening in 2018,” said Faus. “When I saw the opening again here it was a no-brainer to try to come up and be closer to family for my wife and my daughter.”

Faus, a native of the Janesville area in Wisconsin, has spent the past nine years as a physical education and health teacher at the 1,800-student Verona Area High School just outside of Madison, Wisconsin. While there he coached football and baseball, as well as a few years of wrestling, all at the junior varsity and varsity levels. 

“My in-laws have lived in Delano for 17 years. My sister-in-law graduated from Delano. Her husband is also a Delano graduate. For me, it was either Verona for life or branching out to Delano,” said Faus, who started in Delano on July 25. “I’ve always really enjoyed the small town feel vs. big city. It’s a lot easier to build that community feeling in a place like this.”

Sports and the military
Faus embraced every sport he could while growing up before narrowing his focus to football and baseball later in high school. 

“In my eighth-grade year a buddy and I decided to do every sport we could,” said Faus. “The only thing we missed was golf because it was at the same time as football. We even did track and soccer at the same time. We were motivated.”

In high school Faus was a linebacker and quarterback for the football team, and played outfield and pitched in baseball. He was a senior when terrorists struck on Sept. 11, 2001, and decided to join the military after graduation. He also had the opportunity to play college football, however, and tried that first, playing one season for the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater before changing course.

“I didn’t feel like I was in the right place, so I left for the military,” Faus said.

He joined the Army, and became a military policeman. His service included 15 months in Baghdad in 2006-07, where he earned a Purple Heart after absorbing shrapnel from a grenade blast.

Faus left the military in 2008, spent two years at Madison Area Technical College to get re-oriented, then pursued a career in education. He earned his teaching degree from the University of Wisconsin-Madison in 2014 and his master’s in activities administration from UW-Whitewater in 2018.

Importance of activities
The DHS activities office has been restructured this year, with Community Education Director Eric Erlandson assuming high-level oversight as the seventh- and eighth-grade programs transfer under the Community Education umbrella. Faus will handle the day-to-day logistics of scheduling and other operations for grades 7-12.

“Nick has an ability to connect with students and will be an asset in that area,” said Erlandson, adding that Faus’ hands-on experience in event and game management will complement his own focus on organizational efficiency and unity.

“My biggest thing, as a teacher, is that students are always first in my book,” said Faus. “I know a lot of teachers say that. But what led me to become an activities director was that I wanted to have a bigger role in ensuring that students have the experience they want to have in high school athletics and activities.”

Faus intends to be present at many of the games and events, and to promote a positive climate and culture in the activities program. 

“Every kid who comes into this building needs an adult they can connect with. Whether that’s a coach, a director, a teacher, the ladies here in the office or one of the administrators – those different activities we coach or attend are how we get kids to buy in and want to be here,” said Faus. “Activities help them feel like they belong here. It gives them a purpose outside of being in a classroom. And these are the things they’re passionate about, so having those opportunities available to them to participate in is critical.”

Enjoying Delano
Outside of work, Faus and his family are settling in to Delano.

“I’m excited to be here,” he said. “My wife Jamie and I and our daughter Claire, who is 2, have enjoyed it so far and look forward to growing here in the community.”

Some of his favorite pastimes include fishing – “which made moving to Minnesota a lot easier,” Faus said – and golf. 

Another interest, shared with his wife, is theater.

“We’re looking forward to seeing kids performing again here, and getting into the cities to see some shows,” Faus said. 

Overall, the initial experience here has been nothing but positive.

“It was definitely hit the ground running, but everyone here has been great so far,” said Faus. “I’m excited to grow in this position, with these people.”


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