All welcome to 'An Evening With Julia Cook'

Posted on: Aug 31, 2020

All welcome to 'An Evening With Julia Cook'

All are welcome to a free presentation by nationally recognized, award-winning children's book author and parenting expert Julia Cook from 7 to 8:30 p.m. on Tuesday, Sept. 1, at the Delano High School Performing Arts Center. 

Although the event is free, participants are asked to register here. There is also an option to livestream her presentation here. You will be required to login to a specific Google account, Sign in with the password JuliaCook.

Cook has published nearly 100 children’s books on a wide range of characters and social development topics. Her books showcase her innate ability to enter the worldview of a child through storybooks, giving children both the “what to say” and the “how to say it.” Her work has been referenced in Parent's Magazine, The New Yorker, The Huffington Post, The Chicago Tribune,, and more. She has also been featured on CNN and other networks.

Delano appearance
In Delano, Cook will present a practical hour of laughs and parenting tricks of the trade. 

Topics will include:

How to effectively address the current needs and worries of the Covid 19 situation with children
- Video game addiction
Balancing the parenting act
Personal safety of kids
Teaching kids social skills through books

Also, as educators and parents, our ultimate goal is to make a positive difference for children and help them reach their highest potential and become the best that they can be in all they do. This goal is getting harder and harder to reach. The presentation will address: 

-How do we accomplish the great task of teaching our kids the BIG LIST of everything they need to know and succeed in life when they believe that all of their needs are being met through screen time?
How do we teach our kids online safety? How do we allow technology to add to our children’s life as opposed to taking from it?
How do we create an environment where kids genuinely "want it" more than we want it for them?

This parenting talk takes a look at the things that world-class parents and educators are doing to accomplish the "ultimate goal." By creating a craving for knowledge, setting boundaries, teaching GRIT, encouraging patience, and developing E.Q., our children can be their ultimate best and become prepared for their paths that lie ahead!

See Cook's website for more information.


“I have my worries and reservations about sending my kids to school this year. However, after hearing Julia speak, I feel I now have the tools to talk more effectively to my child about the world and our current situation.” — Kim Dieckman, 8th grade teacher and loving mom of 3 kids ages 9, 13, and 15.
“I found Julia Cook's visit to be extremely inspiring. What she does for students, teachers and parents it truly amazing. Her passion to make the world better and help children be the best they can be is remarkable. Her books give teachers and parents tools to use and students a fun and entertaining play book for behavior skills. The energy she brought to our school kept everyone buzzing and smiling for days. Thank you for a life-changing, memorable experience.” — Anne Haskins, parent
“One of the best and most informative hours I have ever spent at a school.” — Richard Harrison, parent