Mr. Schaack currently teaches four classes at Delano High School. 

The science of physics is the science of everything.  The laws of physics explain all forms of motion. This includes the motion of galaxies, planets (or things that used to be planets), rain drops, electrons, and quarks.  The laws of physics also explain all forms of energy.  This includes how things can move, why things are hot or cold, and why a lightsaber is probably not theoretically possible.  Physics is cool.  Physics is usually taken by juniors or seniors because the mathematics involved are rigorous.

Physical Science
Physical Science (or physci) is a "survey" of physics and chemistry.  It covers, in one semester, what the normal physics and chemistry classes would take a year to cover.  Usually taken by all freshman, this class introduces students to the basic concepts which explain the universe.  We do lots of interesting and fun experiments like racing hot air balloons and building trebuchets.

Advanced Physical Science
PSX emphasizes the mathematic side of introductory science.  The course covers the same topics as physical science but goes deeper into the algebraic solutions and chemical reactions.  This class serves as a prep for students planning to take CIS Chemistry.  

Principles of Engineering
PoE is part of the Project Lead the Way curriculum.  The course functions as a survey of a variety of engineering disciplines including mechanical, electrical, architectural, and civil. Students will design, create, and troubleshoot solutions to a variety of hands-on technical problems.  Additionally, the course spends a large portion of time on computer programming and robotics.