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Established in Delano, Minnesota in the 1800's, and with a current enrollment of approximately 2250 students, the district covers a large geographic area and extends to the communities of Corcoran, Independence, Loretto, Maple Plain, Medina, Minnetrista, Montrose, Watertown, and parts of the Franklin, Rockford, and Woodland townships, and the city of Delano.


Delano Schools are recognized for the quality of their academic programs.  The school staff has developed a broad-based program that reflects the continuity of traditional standards of achievement and the change representative of the technological age. The blending of past and present forges a school environment that not only challenges and affirms, but also one that nurtures and motivates. The excitement of learning at Delano Schools is delivered by teachers whose personal commitment and professional training provide the means for high achievement.

Technology Curriculum

  • All buildings and classrooms are connected to a computer network, which includes access to the    Internet.
  • All classrooms have telephones, voice mail, and e-mail.
  • The student-to-computer ratio is 3:1 with more than 90% of the computers being state of the art, tablet pc, multi-media computers.
  • There are over 50 SMART boards being used in the District.
  •  All buildings are using Senteo interactive response systems. 
  • Curriculum

    All curriculum areas are reviewed on a regular cycle and revised incorporating state learner outcomes and Graduation Standards.


    Delano School District has some of the highest scores in the state on graduation tests required for all public schools.


    The K-12 campus for Delano School District is located on a 120-acre site, which includes an Elementary, Middle, and High School. The Delano School District campus includes new and remodeled facilities at the elementary, middle, and high school levels. New computer labs have been added in each building reducing the student to computer ratio to 3 to 1. Delano's facilities are the best in the area and provide a wonderful environment for both learning and recreation.

    The campus also includes a 437 seat auditorium, a large indoor swimming pool, 4 gymnasiums, a large media center with a Career Center, 5 updated science labs, 2 band and choir rooms (with multiple practice rooms), a football stadium, 5 baseball fields, 6 softball fields, 8 tennis courts, a new all-weather track, 3 soccer fields, as well as an indoor and outdoor ice arena.

    In addition, the district has added a 75,000 square foot "Tiger Activity Center." The center includes a weight room, circuit training room, 6 full length basketball courts (22 hoop in total), an elevated walking track, volleyball courts, a batting cage, and is open to the public for a small membership fee.



     A place to learn and grow…

    Delano Elementary School houses 775 students from pre-kindergarten through fourth grade, averaging 21 to 24 students per classroom.


    A dedicated and skilled elementary school staff is committed to delivering a high quality educational program in a well-organized and disciplined environment.

    Test Scores

    Our Minnesota Comprehensive Assessment scores consistently rank among the highest in the state, reflecting the outstanding academic achievement of the students at Delano Elementary.

    Parent Involvement

    Delano Elementary also has a strong parental support program, which is provided through the local parent-teacher organization, as well as a large cadre of parent volunteers.


    The educational program offers a coordinated curricular program including math, reading, written language, spelling, social studies, and science.  Students also receive instruction from specialists in the areas of physical education, music, and media skills, as well as technology.

    Computers/ Technology

    Students receive experience with technology through the use of classroom computers, SMART boards, Senteo clickers, sound field systems and three computer laboratories.

    Programs for High Potential Students

    An organized Gifted and Talented program, with a teacher of Gifted and Talented students, offers several opportunities for students beyond their classroom.  Destination Imagination, Continental Math League, and other unique units of instruction, designed especially for high potential students, are available.

    Specialized Instruction

    Title I programming, as well as specific Special Education Programs, provide specialized instruction for students experiencing academic difficulty in their classrooms.







    The middle school years are a time of great physical, intellectual, emotional, and social change.  As a result, Delano Middle School programs are designed to meet these special needs.  Our school offers a wide range of intellectual, social, and physical experiences.

    Comprehensive Coordinated Curriculum

    Delano Middle School focuses on providing a strong foundation in the areas of Reading, Writing, and Mathematics.  In addition to these areas, students are able to take advantage of learning opportunities in the Social Sciences, Natural Sciences, Industrial Technology, Life Skills, Physical Education, Arts and Music.


    The middle school includes two fully equipped computer labs plus computer stations in the individual classrooms, 5/6 commons, and the media center.  Monitored Internet access, keyboarding instructions for grades 5 and 6, and a Technology Applications class for grade 8.

    Teacher/Advisor Program

    Every student has an adult who is their personal advocate and counselor.  Students meet 15 minutes daily with their advisor and learn skills ranging from decision making and study skills, to peer relationships.