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Safety and Security

The top priority of the Delano Public School District is the safety and wellbeing of students and staff and we are constantly learning and keeping apprised of the best safety practices and revising our safety protocols and procedures.

In our schools, events sometimes occur that require movement around or inside the building to stop or change. For example, a student or staff member may need medical attention, and all students need to stay in their classrooms until the situation is resolved or there is a situation in the community and the Sheriff's Office has asked us to keep everyone inside of the schools. In those situations and others, Delano Public Schools uses a set of enhanced emergency response protocols to help students and staff know what to do and where to go.


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Hold is used to keep hallways clear when an incident takes place inside the building. Everyone stays in their current locations and learning continues as normal.


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Secure protocol is used to keep everyone inside due to activity outside the building. Inside, learning continues as normal.


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Lockdown protocol is used only when there is an active threat and imminent danger toward people in the building and it is not safe to evacuate. Doors are locked, lights are turned off and everyone stays out of sight.


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Evacuate protocol is used to leave the building when it is not safe to be inside. 


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Shelter protocol is for group and self protection which is used when there is a severe weather or environment-related hazard.

Over the 2024 summer, Delano administrators will undergo training from the I Love U Guys Foundation and learn from incidents that have taken place in schools across the United States. Using the knowledge gained and guidance from our local law enforcement and safety partners, the District has adopted The “I Love U Guys” Foundation’s Standard Response Protocol (SRP) and has revised its safety protocols and procedures.

SRP is used when an incident may occur at any of the district's schools and is built on a common language shared by staff, students, and first responders. 
Classroom teachers lead age-appropriate discussions about the protocol with students and participate in drills to practice responses to situations that may arise at school.

If you have questions, please contact your student’s school or call the District Office at 763-972-3365.  More information on the Standard Response Protocol can be found on the I Love U Guys Foundation’s website.

Additional Safety and Security Resources

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School Resource Officer

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