SMC Handbook


SMC Handbook



Log in at:

Then enter your User _________________________ & Password _____________________

Your website URL will be __________________________________

To log off: click on your User Name in the top right corner.

You are responsible for your page/site only. You can not change any page other than the one's under your folder.

If you mess up, you will only mess up your own information!

Your screen has two frames showing when you are inside the SMC.

Left=Console/Navigation Tree Right=Preview/Working Area

Some basic rules:

  • Always select the page you want to change from the Console, and then select the Plug-in "Articles" for that page.
  • The SAVE button is your best friend! Always save after your changes!
  • Clicking RELEASE will update the site with changes you have made. They are instantly viewable on the internet.
  • To drop down a folder on the Navigation Tree, click on the + box.
  • You can PREVIEW a page at any time by first saving your article and then selecting PREVIEW at the top of this frame.
  • You will not have any BACKGROUND images/colors.




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