Milano steps away after 12 years

Posted on: Jan 8, 2019

Milano steps away after 12 years

When Delano School Board members met to organize for 2019 on Monday, Jan. 7, they did so without Carolyn Milano for the first time in 12 years.

Milano, who was originally voted into office in the fall of 2006, decided not to seek re-election last fall. Her seat on the board was filled by newcomer Jennie Rosenow, who was the top vote-getter in the November election.

“It has truly been an enlightening and exceptional experience for me,” said Milano, explaining that she sought the office because she cared and wanted to be involved. “I care about children and their parents; I care about the educators in our district and about the future direction of the Delano public school district, which is the bedrock of our community.”

From beginning to end, Milano dealt with facilities needs. Inadequate space was a problem when she joined the board in 2007, and each of the district’s buildings needed updates. That year the board asked the community to support the purchase of land for a new intermediate school. Later, a levy was approved to operate and subsidize the building. And finally, in 2014, the referendum was passed to construct the intermediate, as well as upgrade the rest of the campus.

“I’m blessed that I was able to tangibly contribute and see this entire improvement process and project come to fruition,” said Milano. “That was one of the major reasons I stayed on the board as long as I did.” 

Aside from the school building efforts, Milano said she was especially passionate about her work with the Schools for Equity in Education organization and in “being an empathetic voice for all students.”

“I can say, without reservation, that all of my ideas, decisions and votes always put the students first and foremost,” Milano said. 

Of course Milano did not serve alone, and she was grateful for those who worked alongside her.

“I want to thank all the current and past board members that I have had the pleasure to serve with. I appreciate each and every one of you,” she said.

Milano also thanked current Superintendent Matt Schoen and former Superintendent Dr. John Sweet for their great leadership and kindness, and Business Manager Mary Reeder for her support in explaining budgets and funding.

In closing, she urged others to step up and give back as well. 

“I encourage you ... to get involved and advocate for the future of our kids,” she said.