Kindness essay winners pay it forward

Posted on: Jun 12, 2019

Kindness essay winners pay it forward

All Delano Intermediate School students had the opportunity to participate in a new kindness essay contest put on by the Lions and United Way earlier this year. Fifth-grader Brynn Spanier (left) took first place and received a $50 blank check on the last day of school to designate to her favorite local non-profit organization – the sponsoring organizations’ way of paying kindness forward to other groups.

“Kindness can not only change you, but can also change the people around you,” wrote Spanier in her essay, adding that “if you do something kind every day it makes you calmer, healthier and happier.”

Sixth-grader Amelia Frailey (right) took second place, and fifth-grader Jaidyn Workman (middle) took third. Both received $25 blank checks to donate to organizations of their choice.

“Kindness isn’t something you do for money. It’s not for what you get in return,” said Frailey in her essay. “It is something you do out of the heart.”

Workman specifically thanked the school janitors, nurses and teachers for their efforts on behalf of students.

“You should always choose kind. (Their examples are) why we have such great kindness in Delano,” she said.

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