Highlight-reel play nets a reward

Posted on: Oct 27, 2017

Highlight-reel play nets a reward

It has been a big year for the 7-1 Delano football team, thanks in part to an unprecedented aerial game involving quarterback Mike Shoultz and first-year receiver Calvin Wishart.

Over 34,000 prep football fans from around the state watched a video clip of the Tigers in action after Delano’s home victory over Annandale on Oct. 6, and those fans voted a touchdown pass from Shoultz to Wishart as the week’s top play among Kare 11’s Hot Highlights.

That recognition earned $1,000 for the Delano High School athletic fund thanks to TruStone Financial, which sponsors the weekly Hot Highlights segment. The check was presented to Shoultz, Wishart, Coach Merrill Pavlovich and other Delano representatives on Thursday afternoon, Oct. 26.


The play

The Tigers were lined up in the shotgun formation with Shoultz noticed that his blockers were out of alignment with the Cardinal defenders.

“I grabbed a tight end, Tucker Hart, and brought him to the backfield to block,” said Shoultz. “He had never done that before, but I got the snap, he picked up the guy who came at him, and I just put it where only (Wishart) could get it.”

Wishart ran a fade route and found a seam between the cornerback and safety just short of the end zone. Shoultz lofted the ball about 25 yards downfield, and Wishart came down with it around the 3-yard line before shrugging off a tackle and diving into the end zone.

“Just like many of our plays this year, Mike just threw it up for me to get it,” said Wishart, a Division I basketball recruit who committed to Georgia Southern earlier this year. “It’s been pretty fun.”

While the two seniors received all the attention for the play, both were quick to point out that their success was the result of teamwork.

“The offensive line has been awesome,” said Shoultz. “The last two games I haven’t been sacked once, and the first game was the only time we’ve had a sack and fumble. For most teams that’s something that happens every other game.”

Wishart agreed that the blockers, other receivers and the running game have helped to create his opportunities.

“We always talk about how many weapons we have,” he said. “Sam Kern, the running back, and all of our special positions -- we don’t have success without each other. We’re all tied together. Success for them means success for us.”

* To see video of the play, go to https://www.facebook.com/KARE11/videos/10159597218050457/.

* In the photo, from left, are Katie Grindeland, Trustone Financial senior vice president of marketing and communications; Mike Shoultz, Calvin Wishart and Delano head football coach Merrill Pavlovich.