CIS students conduct Science Show

Posted on: Jun 4, 2019

Flashes of fire, volcanic eruptions and an ear-splitting explosion kept kindergartners entertained as high school chemistry students became the teachers in the first ever Science Show at Delano Elementary on Tuesday, June 4.

With seniors having graduated over the weekend, College in the Schools Chemistry instructor Karen Hohenstein brought her remaining junior students up the hill to demonstrate some of the wonders of science to their younger counterparts.

“It was fun to be on the other side of it and see their faces,” said student Spencer Poll. “After a really rigorous two semesters we kind of get to take a break and have some fun with this.”

Hohenstein explained that the show was the idea of kindergarten teacher Meredith Huikko, who asked if the high schoolers would be available to put on the show.

“I met with my students and we brainstormed demonstrations they’ve done and seen,” said Hohenstein. “Then we practiced them and wrote up scripts that would be appropriate for 5-year-olds. We we came up yesterday, set up the room, practiced it, and today we’re doing the show.”

Kindergartners were issued lab goggles as they entered, and alternately gaped in wonderment and laughed along as the demonstrations unfolded during both a morning and afternoon show conducted by two different CIS classes.

“The kids were very excited to have us,” said Hohenstein. “The noise level just went up with everything we did, so it was super fun.”

Chemistry student Stephanie McClelland said the course wasn’t easy, but the show was a fun way to close the year. 

“You had to be organized and dedicated and time-efficient, but it was a good challenge,” she said. “And now we got to show off some of what we’ve learned.”

Hohenstein agreed that the event was a great opportunity for her students, but said that staging the performance included its own challenges.

“It forced my students to think about how they would explain complicated science phenomenon to younger students,” she said. “Breaking down difficult ideas into simpler language isn’t always easy, but they did a great job explaining and interacting with the kindergartners. For me, it was just as fun to watch the little kids as it was to watch the big kids.”

For more photos of the Science Show, see the Delano Public Schools Facebook page.

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