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Delano Public Schools welcomes volunteers and appreciates the benefits community members bring to our students.

Volunteers, specific to classrooms, are often determined by the classroom teacher and depend on the classroom's needs. Before completing the background check, please wait for your student’s teacher to confirm that volunteers are needed. 

Delano Schools utilizes the volunteer management system from Raptor Technologies to screen and track volunteers in our buildings.  This is the same system used for visitor management and ensures safety and security for students, staff, and visitors. Delano Schools’ risk management policy mandates that all volunteers MUST be registered every year with the district prior to participating in any school related activity, including field trips. Registration consists of two parts:

  1. Volunteers MUST have a secure background check on file with District 879 or be a current employee of District 879. The background check is valid for THREE calendar years and can be accessed via the link below. The cost of the secure background check is $13.20, payable by the volunteer. 
  2. Volunteers MUST also complete a volunteer application form every three calendar years, which can be accessed and completed at the link below. The application is web-based; there is not access to printed copies. If you don’t have access to a computer, you may complete the process in person in the school office. After submitting your volunteer application
  • You will receive an automated e-mail telling you that your application has been received.
  • After your application is reviewed and your background check is completed and approved, you will receive an automated e-mail regarding your status as an approved volunteer.

Our volunteers make a difference.


Please contact Anna Becker at
763-972-6200 Ext. 1311

Four volunteers in orange vests smiling

Complete the volunteer application 
Complete the secure background check 
When you get to the website, please enter in your First Name, Last Name, Email address, and then click the drop down arrow and select VOLUNTEER.


Raptor data security FAQ

Background check disclaimer