The answers to the fundamental questions concerning the workings of the world have and will continue to yield to reasoning directed by the scientific method. Science coursework involves learning those logical skills in addition to examining what concepts have already been elucidated.

The guiding philosophy of the Science Department directs students to make observations about the workings of the natural world and then to develop hypotheses about these observations. The courses offered extend beyond the traditional science curriculum to give students opportunities to explore diverse subjects.



Physical Science (9th) Physics
Biology Physics of Flight
AP Biology Environmental Studies
Chemistry Field Biology
CIS Chemistry General Science
Anatomy & Physiology BioTopics
Principles Of Engineering (Fall '11)



Our instructors have a widely varied set of experiences and they share a passion for their unique specialties and a desire to expand understanding through the scientific method.


Boak Wiesner Biology, Advanced Placement Biology, Anatomy & Physiology, Environmental Science, Field Biology, Earth Science
Karen Hohenstein CIS Chemistry, Chemistry
Stephen Schaack Physics, Physical Science, Principles of Engineering (fall '11)
Mike Stoudt Physical Science, Chemistry
Jessica Bahe Biology, General Science, BioTopics
Jason Monke Physical Science, Earth Science