Accelerated Reader

What is Renaissance Place?



AR, or Accelerated Reader software provides teachers with an easy and effective way to monitor guided reading practice.  After students read and take an AR quiz, teachers immediately receive objective data so reading level and comprehension skills can be checked and fine tuned.

At DES, book titles in the Media Center that have AR stickers on the spine have AR quizzes available on school computer stations.  Students carefully read the book, then bring the book to the Media Center to find the quiz and take it.  Most quizzes have 5 comprehension questions.  Quiz scores are automatically calculated, and the information is available to both the student and his/her teacher.  The AR software keeps records on each student through out their stay in DES.  Once a student has taken a quiz, they cannot retake the quiz.  Teachers can print out a record of the student's whole AR reading career to see progress.

Please encourage your child to read their AR books carefully.  Children that read their books at least three times usually do very well on the quiz.  Students may come to the Media Center any day with the permission of their teacher to take an AR quiz, so make sure your child tells his/her teacher when he/she is ready for a quiz.  Waiting until Media class may cause them to forget some of the content. 

The Media Center has a AR Reading Incentive Program each year to furthur motivate students to read.  Points are accrued for each quiz taken, and points can be used at the end of the year at a "Media Center Store".

To see if a book from home or the public library has a quiz go to





Click on the link below, then log-in using your students username and password to  have access to your child's AR test results, points, goals and to view all quizzes taken.

Their usernames are their initials, password is their lunch number.