Student Links


 Here are some of our favorite links.



NWEA Reading Practices - Play fun games within your reading NWEA scores to practice your skills.

NWEA Math Practice - Play fun games within your math NWEA scores to practice your skills.

Starfall - a variety of beginning to read phonics activities all the way to full animated stories.  

Primary Reading Games - also a link for math, science, and social studies on the top.

Silly Books - online books written by kids! These books are animated and you can read along.

Barnes and Noble Online Monthly Story:

 Everyday Math Game Links - Links to games for each Unit were working on in class. 

 Zoopz - Games that make you think!

 Nouns, Adjectives, Verbs Fun pages - Brian P. Cleary website

Scratch - a student programming game to download at home, we use this in class to work on problem solving skills.  Check it out!

Into the Book reading website - 

Spelling City -


Math Links

  MATH Links:
 NWEA Math Practice
Tug Boat & Jet Ski Multiplayer Math Facts
Math Magician +
Math Magician -
Interactice Flash Cards
Dartboard Math Facts
A whole list of + - fact games
 Printable math fact cards