First Grade Curriculum Guide


Our reading series, published by Houghton Mifflin, is organized around fivethemes.  The themes presented are: Around the Neighborhood, Sharing Time, Nature Near and Far, Exploring Together, and Watch Us Grow Reading selections contain authentic literature, both fiction and nonfiction and real-world reading materials (such as magazine and newpaper articles, and recipes.) In addition, there are units that focus on poetry, plays, and folktales.

First grade Comunications Outcomes that are introduced, practiced, or mastered throughout the year are: 

  • Use of strategies when reading: predict/infer, monitor, self-question, think about words, summarize and evaluate to foster comprehension.
  • Demonstrate phonemic awareness; phonics and decoding.
  • Read with fluency and expression.
  • Write skillfully with legible and complete sentences.
  • Demonstrate knowledge of grammar, usage and mechanics.
  • Be able to speak and listen skillfully. 
  • Demonstrate knowledge of spelling word patterns.


The Everyday Mathematics series incorporates a wide variety of activities that improve a child's development of mathematical intuition and understanding of the content strands. The program's purpose is to integrate math into the child's everyday life.

  • Numeration and Counting

    -Saying, reading, and writing numbers and verbal counting

    -Patterns, place value, whole numbers, and fractions

  • Operations (+,-) and relations (<,>,=)

    -Memorized number facts through10

    -Operation families

    -Information work with properties

  • Measurement

    -Length, area, capacity, weight, and temperature

    -Clocks, calendars, timelines, thermometers, and ordinal numbers

  • Exploring and analyzing data
  • Money
  • Rules and patterns
  • Problem solving and mental arithmetic
  • Estimation


Social Studies  

Our first grade Social Studies curriculum is About My World, published by Harcourt. The units we cover are:

  • Going to School
  • Good Citizens
  • The Land Around Us 
  • All About People 
  • Looking Back
  • Jobs People Do 

Chart, graph and map skills are taught, as well as strands of history, geography, and citizenship.


Our health curriculum is also published by Harcourt. It is a comprehensive program designed to help students develop positive behaviors and attitudes that will lead to a life time of good health.  Lessons included cover:

  • Growing Inside and Out
  • Staying Healthy and Staying Well
  • Caring for Your Teeth
  • Food for Health
  • Being Active
  • Safety

A highlight during the year includes building a real food pyramid with food items collected for the Delano Food Shelf.


The main objective of our first grade science program is to make science meaningful and enriching to a first grader's life. In order to do this effectively, we use Foss science kits with extensive hands-on activities  and a variety of materials.  



  • Scientific Method 
  • Earth Science
  • (Pebbles, Sand, and Silt) 
  • Animal Life Cycle